PETA is Insane

This video has been seen a lot of places, mainly because it’s awesome.

And this video inspired me to make this tweet this morning:


Lucky guy that I am, got a good, old-fashioned response from the official PETA twitter account, who are obviously monitoring the twittersphere for anyone who tweets the name PETA.


They sent me a link to their blog post about the Manu Ginobili incident, giving us this gem, which is making its way through the blogosphere:

To bludgeon a 4-ounce animal to death, it takes either a small man or a totally unthinking one—with no respect or consideration for lives humbler than his own. This is a time when athletes in particular need to be on their best behavior around any animal and show that they have brains and a heart, not just reactionary brawn.

Yeah, that link they have there basically compares Manu Ginobili to Michael Vick. So I responded to them in kind:

tweet_responseAnd PETA’s “official” response:


Yes, it’s great to know that the people at PETA type like 13-year-old girls too. My response:

my_next_responseI have not gotten a response from that last tweet yet. Apparently it doesn’t matter that the animal survived. (Note: I don’t know for sure if it survived, I heard that it did, though.) All that matters is someone used “reactionary brawn” on a poor, helpless animal. One that possibly could carry rabies. Have at it in the comments, folks.

[Update: I checked around and apparently, the bat died. Oh well, I stand by my point. Ease up PETA. There are millions of bats under the South Congress bridge here in Austin. One bat is nothing to raise a fuss about.]

[Update to the update: Maybe the bat lived. That’s what Manu himself says. I don’t know what to believe anymore. (Can you tell how frazzled I am?) Anyway, get a life PETA.



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5 responses to “PETA is Insane

  1. The bat was hovering low, near the players and fans. If the bat comes down and bites a player or fan and infects him with rabies does PETA offer an apology or do they pay for medical expenses because of the bats actions? No. They ignore it. I doubt Manu was trying to kill it.
    If a child is playing and is being threatened by an animal, will they let the animal threaten the safety of the child?
    Its ridiculous. Its free PR for PETA. Get a life.

  2. Latin_D

    I’m a first time reader, but I just wanted to say thanks for writing this.

  3. Roger McNeill

    PETA sucks. They are typical of a lot of liberal organizations – narrow minded. They do not consider the majority’s rights or what’s written in the Constitution, only what’s in their own self interest. Andrew, you should email this blog to Glen Beck – he would love it.

  4. Brian McNeill

    It was a bat in a public arena. If it were meant to survive it would have never wondered into the AT&T Center, and surely wouldn’t have wondered within arms reach of a professional athlete with cat like reflexes.

  5. Rico

    Manu saved thousands of children that day from rabies. Manu loves children, hates rabies.

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