SXSW, Ron Artest and New Orleans

Things are slow at the SXSW headquarters right now. Painfully slow at times. I’d explain all the things I do during the day to make the time pass during the day, but I’m afraid somebody from work would read this blog and I’d get in trouble. We’re in a recession right now and I can’t afford to lose my job, despite how uneventful it is right now.

But on the up side, I’m not stressed and I’m sleeping and eating and doing things normal people do. So there’s that.

I’ve been watching a lot of the NBA playoffs when I’m not at work, in fact I’m watching them as I type this, and I’m frustratingly happy. I enjoy watching the NBA Playoffs, and the NBA in general. So that makes me happy.

 However, the officiating in the NBA right now is utter crap. It’s kind of like the NBA leaving a bag of flaming dog crap on our porch, ringing the doorbell, and watching from the bushes.

And Skip Bayless on First Take is the equivalent of us answering the door.

It’s not necessarily that they’re making bad calls (but they are), it’s that the calls aren’t consistent from game t0 game. A lot of times they’re not consistent from quarter to quarter. And whenever the game starts to get physical, a barrage of flagrant fouls are called. The vast majority of which aren’t anything close to being flagrant fouls.

And then Ron Artest gets thrown out.

Poor Ron-Ron, he just can’t catch a break. You run up into the stands and mistakenly beat the shit out of one douchebag in Detroit (when you meant to beat the shit out of a different douchebag), and all of a sudden everybody thinks you’re going to go ape shit whenever you commit a hard foul.

The refs just need to treat Ron-Ron like every other player on the court and call him the same. Unfortunately it looks like the NBA has created the “Artest Rules.” #FREERONARTEST

I’m going to New Orleans this weekend with the girlfriend.

I wanted to take some sort of vacation after SXSW was over, but I don’t have any money. So I decided just to take a long weekend and go somewhere not too far from Austin.

And being a young, relatively-healthy, recent college graduate, what better city to visit than New Orleans?

The answer: none.

So I scored a good deal on a hotel for the weekend and looked up some fun things to do there. I’d look up bars to go to, but I figure I’m going to end up a Bourbon Street anyway. And from there, I seriously doubt I’ll remember anything I pre-planned when it comes to bar hopping.

It’s going to be an interesting experience.

What Vegas needs to put odds on, is the amount of time I’m actually going to spend doing things after my first night at Bourbon.

Right now I’ve got stuffed planned for during the days. But I have a feeling after the first night, I’m going to wake up at 3 pm and order greasy food. Then I’ll probably take a nap until it’s time to go back to Bourbon.

As of right now, I’ve got about four things planned as daytime activities on Saturday.

Vegas has the over/under currently set at 1.5.

I’d take the under.


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