No snow this year

I totally meant to do that.

I totally meant to do that.

Every Christmas break, a few of my friends plan a skiing / snowboarding trip. They drive out to Colorado or New Mexico or where ever they are planning on going in one shot, hit the mountain for three days, and then drive back in one shot. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s about 15 hours from south Texas to southern Colorado. It’s efficiency at its best.

I was able to go two years ago and I had a good time. I wasn’t as hooked on snowboarding as some of my friends were, but I still had a good time. I got to do something that I don’t normally get to do and I got to spend a lot of time with my close friends; I enjoyed it.

Last year, I was unable to go due to lack of funds. Living the college life wasn’t very financially healthy obviously.

This year, now that I’m out of college and have a full-time job (and some disposable income) I was planning on going. The trip usually costs each person around $400 and a few weeks ago I paid my $150 deposit for the trip.

Unfortunately my physical health is the one back-stabbing me and I’m not going to be able to go. Again. Now this wouldn’t be all that bad, especially considering how bad it would be if I was in Colorado and on the mountain when I ran into some health problems. But since I don’t have health insurance right now (I’m getting it very soon, don’t worry), I could really use that $400 I was going to spend on the trip on some medical bills I acquired last week. So there was some good to it. Some.

But other than spending Christmas Eve / Day with my family and New Year’s Eve at my girlfriend’s parents’ place for a big party, I don’t have a lot going on during this holiday break. And when you and your friends graduate college and go your separate ways, it’s hard to get everybody together for a little reunion. And that’s what this was going to be, a reunion in the snow for some close friends.

Plus I won’t be able to show off my wicked-awesome snowboarding skillz.


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