My latest addiction

I’ve been hooked the Friday Night Lights TV series lately. I’ve seen the Friday Night Lights movie and I enjoyed it, although I haven’t watched it since then.  But I like the TV series a whole lot better.

I planned on watching it based on a recommendation from the Sports Guy, as he was pleading for people to tune in and keep the show from getting canceled. I figured I would add it to my Netflix queue and watch it on DVD eventually, but not any time soon seeing as my current queue is pretty intimidating.

It's good to see Ron Livingston finally get another role after "Office Space."

It's good to see Ron Livingston finally get a good role after "Office Space."

But thanks to the new Xbox 360 interface, I can watch those “Watch Instantly” movies / TV shows on Netflix through my 360.  Good times for all.

The acting on the show is pretty good, especially by the head coach (whose name I am too lazy to look up) and some of the players.  The best part might be the difference in acting ability between the main characters and some of less important characters.  The drop-off is like Yao Ming to Nate Robinson standing next to each other.

The actual football in the show is similar to how basketball is portrayed in movies.  In basketball movies all you ever see is dunks and three pointers, unless it’s a really important play.  It’s like one long SportsCenter highlight. FNL is kind of like that, you only see the long touchdowns or the important plays. I have yet to see a 2nd down-and-1 conversion in early in the second quarter of a game.

But the focus of the show really isn’t the football, that’s just the foundation. The focus is on what football does to people in these towns. And so far, I have yet to get enough of it.

When I finally finish Friday Night Lights, I’ve got two more series on my list, Heroes and then Weeds. I hear I need to get 30 Rock on there too.


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